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About Me

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'One of the most precious aspects of my routine is growing my own food. Growing food is something I have found to vastly improve my own mental health whilst also providing me with fresh organic ingredients to eat. Combined with the hours I spend being outdoors planting seeds and building raised beds my food farming has now become an integral and vital part of my everyday life.


Over the past few years I have been cultivating a large food garden using various organic methods. I combine no-dig with a touch of permaculture. Making my own compost is something I began to do a few years ago and it has vastly improved the quality of my soil and is easier on my wallet. I’m trying to build as healthy a space as possible.


I am not alone on my plot. I have a glorious array of wildlife who have been increasing in numbers ever since I started cultivating the, before, rather unloved patch of land on which my food grows. From field mice to barn owls and from ants to bats I get to witness and be surrounded by the most incredible display of animals. Next to my vegetable patch I am developing a wildlife garden complete with (another) pond, a forest bed and filled with plenty of wildflowers, herbs, insect homes and bird boxes. 


My work life is quite hectic and so getting outside, for as many hours a day possible, is my own way of keeping sane. I find peace in the outdoors. Every spare moment I have I spend gardening, hiking or playing outside. If I can work outside then I will and can often be found getting my paperwork done in the greenhouse throughout the Spring and Summer.

For photos and updates of my food garden please visit Instagram and follow @yourorganicPT'

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I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer with experience working in LAX South Kensington, David Lloyd (various), Virgin Active (various), Nuffield Health (various) and many independent gyms across London. Before joining the team at The Herbalists, Jackson's of Yorkshire I worked one to one with a private client base to improve their fitness and wellbeing. ​
Female Weight Training​ | Exercise in Water​​ | Weight Loss​ | Event Coaching | Confidence Building
*I am not currently taking on new clients. To keep up to date with all news and updates please visit Instagram on @yourorganicpt *
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My vegetable plot is my heaven and wonderland. I grow most of my own food because I like to use the supermarket a little less and enjoy free organic food a little more.

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I was reared on an small holding in Yorkshire. While it had its quirks, the one glorious and constant thing we always had was Nature. So we learnt to appreciate Nature, the plants, the animals and the was instilled into us.


When I moved out of London I returned to the small holding where everyone is expected to muck in for their meals. So I grow as much as I can and thoroughly enjoy all the hours I spend outside tending to my plants come rain or shine. It's hard but fulfilling work.

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