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Our Story

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When the global pandemic hit it affected everything…our health, our support networks and our livelihoods. Three years ago, I moved back from London to take over my hometown’s long-established Herbalists after hearing that it was due for imminent closure. Along with my partner, our new team and one of the previous owners we secured the future of The Herbalists, Jackson’s of Yorkshire, on the street where it had been established almost ninety years ago. 


But then the pandemic hit and as a young new business owner I was stumped. But with incomes, rent and invoices to pay I just knew we needed to adapt…and fast! Community is important to me and so the one thing I knew is that I wanted to keep manufacturing in my hometown. So, I designed a range of new products and started manufacturing dungarees alongside the soaps/body care we already make. 

Our dungarees are currently made from end of line fabric, which is great because we are not producing more waste…but on the other side we do not get to design our own prints. We may look at changing our fabric choices in the future but it is not a decision that we want to make right now. Right now, this project is about supporting local manufacturing and dressmakers…as well as hopefully bringing a touch of colour to your gardening gear!

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